Third Ward Bike Shop

Dear friends and fans of the Third Ward Bike Shop,

We are excited to let you know that the Bike Shop is relocating to 2305 Wheeler Avenue between Dowling Street and Hwy 288. Its new home will be in the Compound of Dr. Veon McReynolds, where it will be operating with supervision from long-time volunteer Steve Pedigo. We are happy that the shop will continue to serve the neighborhood under the guidance of great advocates who want to see it grow and thrive.

The Bike Shop began as the first program of Workshop Houston nearly 10 years ago and served as the inspiration for our other innovative youth programs. A strong supportive community has formed around the Bike Shop over the years and now the time has come for Workshop Houston to give the program to the community to run.

Please support the new Bike Shop with your time, energy and elbow grease, and a dollar or two if you can afford. The more people who get involved and commit to the new program’s success, the better resource it will be for everyone. We will post information regarding the new Bike Shop’s open hours and other details when they are available.

Please join us on Saturday, February 16th to help celebrate the New Bike Shop at the Compound. Let's get it started off right at its new home!






Saturday, February 16th

All Day!

Tour de Hood Compound/Third Ward Bike Shop - 2305 Wheeler Avenue

Houston, Texas